Solar Smash

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Solar Smash is a stunning and realistic space simulation of destroying planets and even whole galaxies. There are no special plot or rules here. The main task is to delete all cosmic bodies you are able to detect in this endless environment. Here, you will find everything you may need for elimination giant cosmic bodies – from meteorite rains and black holes to super powerful solar beams and space titans. You will not receive instructions how to make a particular planet burst to particles. Every time, you need to develop your destruction plan and realize it. You will be impressed by visual effects that accompany every hit. The developers worked hard on graphics to make every action a really spectacular show. There are several planets on the menu to play with. You can randomly choose in what order you will be deleting these objects. All celestial bodies are also quite realistic – some of them were recreated with the precise accuracy from the real planets. Once you successfully cope with them all – try to find secret planets and destroy them as well. You can decide yourself which weapon and in which order you will apply. It also possible to cancel your action, restore the object and start from the very beginning. All the gaming process is recorded, and the history can be easily tracked. Also, at the bottom of the screen, you can check the number of inhabitants in a particular location, see how many you already eliminated and how many you still have to delete. The brightest areas have the highest population density, so focus on them to reach your goal faster. You will see your progress and time you spent to achieve it. There are customization opportunities here – you can change color, shades, decide how to distribute water and land on the surface. Moreover, you can regulate the intensity of your hits and also slow down the time when you need it. Be ready to develop a detailed strategy for some planets as it will not be possible to destroy them in one hit. You will need to burn them, surround with black holes, apply asteroids and even special titans and nuclear rains to reach your target. Sometimes, you must even drop Moon or explode Sun to get rid of all the planet remains. All features are constantly updated. This game is proved to be not only an effective time killer but also great anti-stress tool. Start playing it to forget about fatigue after a stressful working day.

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