Solar Smash Secret Planets

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You will be surprised, but sometimes gaming plots may ask you for very queer things. Don’t you believe it? Keep reading to learn more. Once you hear it is a simulator, you immediately associate it with some creative process. But it will be exactly the opposite task in Solar Smash. You will need to destroy here. Yes, you read it correctly and this game is fully devoted to destruction. A player will act in the open space, and various planets will be his opponents. How to play? There is only one instruction here – to delete all of them until not even a particle left. Of course, you will not be able to do it with your bare hands. The developers created an impressive weapon arsenal for this purpose. You will have plenty of tools and devices to use. You can use any instrument to your taste – a laser or an asteroid, and even nuclear weapons to get a better result. The graphical aspect is ideally implemented and you will enjoy spectacular views of explosions and destruction. At first, you need to delete the main planets that are already available in the menu. Some of them are recreated from real Solar system and designed very true to life. Others are sci-fi and only exist in this fantastic universe. Each of these objects are different. And it means you cannot apply one and the same algorithm to destroy them all. But the good this is that you always can delete your latest action or even return the half-ruined planet to its original state and try a different approach. Once you successfully cope with all the main objects, you may find four additional ones. Unfortunately, you cannot choose them as these are not visible at first. You will need to detect them in the space by completing different manipulations with the Earth planet. Once you find all the secret objects, you will receive additional points to your experience score. All your gaming achievements are recorded here and you can easily check them. The data will tell you how much time you spent on completing each mission, how many inhabitants you killed together with their home and how many attacks you made for it. Even if this game is a bit violent, it works efficiently against your stress. So instead of pouring your aggression in real life, visit this virtual space and get rid of it here without any harm to your close environment. The process is really engaging and spectacular, and you will have a lot of fun!

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