Solar Smash Space

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Are you a fan of Solar Smash and enjoy this exciting destruction simulator? Then definitely you regularly play the game and know what you need to do here. We will just add a short explanation for beginners. All events unfold in space where you see lots of planets. You aim is to destroy them all. How can a person confront a giant cosmic body? Everything is much simpler than you may think. You will have a lot powerful weapons for this job. You can involve asteroids to weaken your target, or simply direct there the most powerful laser that can turn everything to ashes. Use nuclear missiles as well, enjoying the beauty of their explosions on the screen. Keep attacking until the planet turns into space dust that is dispersed in the galaxy without a trace. Actually, this game will allow you to feel like a true ruler of the Universe. Only you decide who will survive here. You can choose any of the planets and start destroying it, together with its population. There are many cool special effects here – every hit is a real show! And the developers keep working on this project to make it more exciting. The updates add more tools to the menu as well as widen the choice of targets. Some planets will become more difficult to deal with – they will come with protective shields that you will need to skillfully break. It is absolutely fine to apply all possible techniques, you can even ruin the sun and redirect this energy to burn out your targeted space body. You will also have to look for secret objects hidden somewhere in the space. It will be a real challenge to discover these and destroy as well. No matter how unusual this entertainment may seem to you, it has many positive aspects. It develops your logic and teaches you to build strategies. And it would be also fair enough to call this simulator an anti-stress toy in which you can freely express all you anger and negative energy and simply recharge.

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