Solar Smash Rocket

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An epic destruction story is inviting players to participate in open space adventures. You are the only character here and you are alone in the endless cosmic universe. Only planets are rotating around you. And your main task is to destroy them. There will be a number of celestial bodies to ruin. And the first one you will see on the screen in front of you is the Earth. Do not worry that it is inhabited – you need to get rid of the population as well. But do not expect to do the job using some kind of a primitive bomb. This process will require certain efforts. First of all, study all the weapons you have at your disposal and develop an attacking strategy. You can start with simple asteroid rains or black holes to weaken the cosmic bodies. Then you can pass on to more powerful things like UFOs and the drill, continue with lasers and missiles. And finish the smash with a solar beam satellite. Once you complete one mission, start a new one until you clear the galaxy from all the planets. Most celestial bodies are shown on the menu. But developers decided to make you work a bit harder and hid some of them. You will have to carry out a proper investigation and do a lot of manipulations to discover these secret targets and also explode these. Each planet is unique and you will need to develop a new plan to reach your target. It is even possible to attack two of them at once – you can control gravity in the game and force two objects to hit each other. Such double destruction is especially spectacular. Actually, every weapon application is accompanied by incredible graphics. These stunning visual effects are one of the reasons for the project’s popularity. You will adore watching the destruction process in detail and the planet’s transformation into space dust. Join and experiment to your taste. Here, you can also customize a lot of things – play with colors, brightness and other elements. Overall, the space environment is very realistically recreated and it brings a lot of aesthetic pleasure to everyone who joins it. It is absolutely free of charge – just open and start playing. You will be impressed by how much creativity this seemingly simple process will need. Enjoy playing!

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