Solar Smash 3

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3.9 stars (19votes)

If you have already played the previous parts of Solar Smash, then you know what expects you in this destruction simulator. But for newcomers, here is a short introduction before they start. Unlike it is common for such games, you will not be creating and developing anything. On the contrary, you will be destroying and ruining. And your target is to delete all planets around. The third part comes with improved graphics and wider choice of weapons. You again will be trying to ruin various celestial bodies, one by one. Use the most powerful devices to demolish a planet in just a few clicks. You can see in advance whether it is inhabited or not. But no matter how densely populated it is, it should not stop you. Take this target at gunpoint and hit it trying to precisely reach its breaking point. Some planets have layers and deep cores, and you will need to apply a series of attacks until the job is done. Once you are over with one object, move on to the next one. There are seven planets in the menu. You can then start looking for secret space bodies to continue your mission. Your gaming process will be saved in the menu. And you can easily trace how many elements you successfully deleted, how many inhabitants were eliminated in each place, and how many hits you made. You can also check how long it took you to complete every task. The game has excellent graphics, and there are no two attacks alike. Every time, you will admire the spectacular view of an object falling to the smallest particles. These visual effects are really fascinating. But you should start playing to see everything with your own eyes. The whole process is more than enjoyable!

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