Solar Smash Galaxy

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3.7 stars (11votes)

In this exciting online game, you will interact with planets in the open space. But this simulator is not a traditional one but rather destructive. The thing is that you will take the most powerful weapon under your control and with its help you will be attacking huge cosmic bodies with the only aim to completely destroy them. Overall, more than a dozen various weapons and tools will be available to choose from. You just need to decide what planet you would like to break to tiny particles and then apply the desired device. For a huge size cosmic body, you will need to use a laser and nuclear weapons. First attack the target and then watch the exciting explosion process. The developers worked hard on special effects so every time, the view is really spectacular. With only a tap of your finger, you will be able to wipe off the whole civilizations. All planets are made of voxels, and you will easily destroy them completely. Sometimes, you will have to make several hits as some planets come with core. The most winning feature of the game is that it is not possible to exactly repeat any destruction. Every time, you will observe a unique process with magnificent visual effects. Join this amazing adventure, select from available objects, customize planets, and even find secret once. Lots of work awaits you here!

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