Solar Smash 2

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There are tons of all sorts of simulators, but this one surely differs from most of them. Here you will be involved in the planet destruction process. You will instantly become the creator of the whole universe, who in one second can destroy any planet he wants. And the main focus of the gameplay is the destruction process itself. On the playing field, you will find several buttons, each of them represents a different type of interplanetary attack. You will be able to use rockets, black holes, lasers, solar radiation, organize collisions between planets and much more. The idea is to keep hitting the planet until it crumbles to dust, and of course, get rid of its population. You will start with the planet that resembles Earth. It is not the only object in the game. Overall, you will deal with seven space bodies. And the most intriguing thing is that you cannot predict how this or that weapon will affect a particular planet. For some targets, one hit will be more than enough. But other planets are more resistant and you will need to invent an effective strategy to complete the job. And you can always cancel all your actions and restore the half-ruined object to try an entirely new strategy. The gameplay does not need special training, all functions are very easy to master. Even a beginner will learn to navigate targets and weapons without effort. Players will enjoy the graphics of this weird entertainment. Every hit is accompanied by incredible visual attacks – you can watch these spectacular explosions on the full size screen for more emotions. Besides, many users admit that this simulator is a great anti-stress toy. It will efficiently remove your depressing thoughts. Join the game to fight, hit and attack and let all your aggression out in this virtual space. Join immediately to see how fast you can proceed in the gameplay and check whether you can easily cope with all planets. Note, that there are some secret objects to find and delete once you are done with the main task.

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