Solar Smash 4

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Welcome to the latest version of the amazing planet destruction simulator. How many planets have you already managed to delete in this game before? Now, new tasks and challenges are waiting for you here. First of all, all celestial bodies have become stronger and well protected. Each of them is created HD quality and also has a very colorful 3D model, which gives you an incredible opportunity to view any of the planets from each side. It would be fair to admit excellent visual effects – you can enjoy explosions and vibrant colors at every step. All controls are very simple – you will easily ruin a giant object with only one finger. It is up to you in which order you will be interacting with the planets. You may even customize them for more fun – you can decide where it will consist of land or only waters, how many people will live here if at all, change its color and brightness and much more. Everything now depends on your creativity. Do not forget that developers also added secret targets – these are not visible and cannot be simply found on the menu. You will have to go through an interesting quest to discover their whereabouts. All your progress is being recorded and you can always look through your achievements and see whether your skills are becoming better. Try to use the game to its fullest – test all weapons you have at your disposal. You will always enjoy an absolutely unique process as it impossible to repeat the same scenario twice. Join this exciting simulator to dive into the amazing world of space and stars. It is also a great method to work down your everyday stress. The game is easy to control, so you can play it from anywhere, including a smartphone. Lots of fun and excitement are guaranteed to every player who starts Solar Smash!

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