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Everyone will agree that it is more exciting to play any game together with your friend or other players. In this format, all events are more fun and lively. It is especially interesting when you play different kinds of simulator. But now, the challenge is especially intricate as you will not be creating but destructing in Solar Smash. The plot is rather simple. You will have to select a planet and destroy it with various weapons you will find in the menu. The gaming process is more than simple – select your target and start relentless bombing, applying your favorite device or using several of them at the same time. Thanks to high-quality and well-thought-out special effects, you can practically feel a real presence in this wonderful time-killer. Manage 3D models and make sure that not even a trace of them is left in the galaxy. There are seven preset planets and you can even customize them by experimenting with color and brightness. Sometimes, you will fail the mission after the first hit. So you need to try other methods and weapons to complete the task. There should not be even a particle left to move to the next stage, so develop the most effective strategies allowing you to achieve the fastest results. Check your capabilities when it comes to destruction of this magnitude. Try different approached and techniques until you find the most powerful way to eliminated everything in the space. Every time, you will see a unique process with unforgettable visuals. Invite your friend and play together to see who is more inventive in this unusual game.

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