Solar Smash Secret Weapons

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Do you like to shoot, attack and detonate? Then we have something you will definitely like. It is Solar Smash, a destruction simulator where you will be deleting planets in open space. Intrigued? Then find out a few more details before you accept the challenge. So you must make the galaxy completely empty of all cosmic bodies. You will have a set of planets on the menu. All of them have unbelievably true-to-life design – you will see seas, lands, and residential areas. But your mission is the same, no matter if this planet is empty or densely populated- you must make it disappear. For this, you will have access to a huge arsenal of weapons. It is entirely up to use what tool to use. You can apply different means until the job is done. Once you plan to make a targeted attack, it would be reasonable to use an asteroid or meteorite shower. Another approach is to use the moon collision technique to bring significant damage to the planet’s surface. If these methods do not help much, make black holes behind the cosmic body that will consume a part of the planet’s mass. You are also free to use more advanced weapons – for example, a laser or missile barrage. Sometimes, UFO and the drill will do their job just fine. And the most powerful armor is a solar beam satellite. Once you direct it to your target, it will explode immediately. In rare cases, you can use a secret weapon – space titans. These are fictional beings that only wait to tame their appetite by attacking the planet. All these methods are fine once they help you to complete the task successfully. Do not stop once you dealt with one object – immediately pass to another one and earn more experience points. The game comes with excellent graphics. And all your attacks will be really colorfully displayed on the screens. Start playing for incredible fun!

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