How many planets can you play with?

As soon as you join the game, you will immediately come across the planet. It is going to be Earth by default, but you can change it to another one. You will find seven preset planets in the menu. Some of them are recreated from Solar system while others were just invented by developers. One of them is even designed in the shape of a snowman. All these are designed to the slightest details. For example, you can check whether a planet is inhabited or not, see the most densely populated areas. You can also customize the planet and create a unique cosmic body. Even if these functions are somewhat limited, you can still change the color of the planet, decide how much water and land it will have and adjust its brightness. As you successfully proceed in the gameplay, you will unlock secret planets for more fun.

Game features

Incredible game physics will allow every planet to rotate in any direction. All large continents and islands have been recreated with high precision. You can destroy not only the surface of the cosmic body, but also its inner part. So a meteorite can leave a deep crater and a black hole can destroy half of the planet. You will deal with a wide range of planets, and each of them is unique. Mars is uninhabited, but the third planet has more than 11 billion inhabitants. Are you brave enough to ruin them all? There are thousands of planets in space and most of them are not explored. Some of them are friendly and others are dangerous. And you will have to delete them all. You should not care whether a planet is inhabited or not. Choose a target and attack. You can burn the planet with a laser or rain down meteorites on it. There are 12 different types of weapon you can use separately or combine. You can use powerful cannons or all-destruction beams. You can fully control the time in the game and pause it whenever you need it. The main thing is for the planet to disappear once and for all. Some planets come with layers and you will have to develop a strategy what weapon to apply to complete your mission. Every time, the outcome will be unique, and this is what attracts more and more players to this entertainment.

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